Periodic Facade Inspection

Cost Effective BCA Periodic Facade Inspection

ABL Consultants Pte Ltd provide a one stop Periodic Façade Inspection (PFI) service by Façade Competent Persons/ Professional Engineers and Façade Inspectors for mandatory BCA inspection to BCA Regulations, including provision of rectification and repair methodologies.  

Together with our subsidiary ABL Façade Pte Ltd, we will arrange all work at height access (eg rope access, boom lift, scaffolding etc), include full insurance and safety measures during the inspection works including barricading, risk assessments and permit to work systems. All our inspection personnel are work at height trained and certified. 

Facade Inspection (PFI)

We have completed numerous periodic façade inspection projects for, condominiums, shopping centres, high rise offices and commercial buildings for clients such as Mapletree, Singtel, Maybank, MUIS and more.

Our in house capabilities and services include:

  1. Façade Competent Person (WAH Certified) & Registered Façade Inspectors and Rope Access Certified Registered Façade Inspectors
  2. Drawing search and purchase from BCA and study by Professional Engineers
  3. IRATA Certified Rope Access Technicians, Manager Work at Height
  4. Safety Anchor Installation, testing and PE endorsement
  5. Arrangement of all forms of access eg boom lift, scissor lift, scaffolding
  6. Arrangement and co-ordination with drone service providers for 100% visual inspection and use of AI technology for defect detection and generation of TR78 report
  7. Inspection via borescope, metal detector, thermographic scanning
  8. Removal and replacement of sealant and cladding for inspection
  9. Immediate removal of unsafe defects during inspection, making safe of unsafe façade elements eg broken/cracked/unsafe glass
  10. Supervision of defect rectification and Façade CP/PE close out with BCA


Type of façade we have inspected include:

  1. Plastering and paint
  2. Tiled Façade
  3. Glass Curtain wall
  4. Aluminium cladding
  5. Granite and Marble / Stone Cladding
  6. Windows, Cladding Fixtures, Awnings


Selected projects include:

  • Maybank Tower
  • Over 30 Singtel Telephone Exchanges islandwide
  • City Plaza
  • Orchard Shopping Centre


You can drop us an email, fill up our online form or give us a call to get a quotation for the PFI. Once accepted, we will be your appointed CP to plan and carry out the PFI.
The inspection consists of a 100% visual inspection of your façade either by drone or by high zoom camera. After defects are identified, we will carry out a close range inspection by Façade CP and BCA registered façade inspector using rope access, boom lift or scaffolding. We will arrange for all CAAS permits for the drone flight. Upon completion of the physical inspections, we will compile a report for submission to you and BCA.
If there are drawings available you could send it to us. If you do not have any we will purchase drawings from BCA at no additional cost.
No, we will handle all the access requirements to suit your building.
Safety of our staff, client and public is our utmost concern. Anchor points for rope access are pull tested and PE certified. Our team consists of IRATA certified rope access specialists, qualified boom lift operators and approved scaffolding contractors. All our inspection team including Façade CP’s are work at height certified and we are Bizsafe Level 3 certified.
Yes, we will barricade the areas under inspection and there will be a groundsman during the operations to look out for pedestrians and public.
Yes, for items that can be removed on the spot we will do so. To date we have removed loose flashings, plastering, tiles, broken or loose glass, plant growth and even sealed loose windows on the spot.
From CP appointment to submission of report to BCA the process normally takes 4 to 6 weeks depending on drawing availability.
No. We provide a one stop solution and will provide all necessary manpower, professionals, equipment and access for the inspection including BCA registered Facade Inspectors (FI) and Facade Competent Persons (CP)
Yes. All defects will be identified by location on drawings, with photos and repair methods.
Yes, once the defects are known, we can quote you separately for any repair works.
Yes, there will be Public Liability Insurance in force as well as WICA for all our inspectors. This is covered in our cost.