1. Structural Design Consultancy
    Design of structures and buildings for commercial, industrial, marine and residential projects, including full building plan submission as allowed under BCA regulation.

  2. Civil and Infrastructure Design Consultancy
    Design of roads, sewers, drainage and infrastructure planning.

  3. Structural Inspection
    Visual inspection of buildings as per BCA requirements.

  4. Qualified Person Supervision
    Supervision of construction projects to BCA statutory requirements - Part V of the Building Control Act Cap 29. 

  5. Feasibility Studies
    Studies of engineering feasibility / repair works on varied projects.  

  6. Infrastructure Assessment
    Assessment of infrastructure requirements and supply availability at sites.

  7. Specialist Design
    Design of temporary works for ECM, ERSS(excavation), specialist barrier and steel work, LTA road element.

  8. Road opening application in LTA Prompt

  9. Project Management
    Project and Design Management of new developments, co-ordinating Architecture and Building Services.